Rustic Remedy

Welcome to Rustic Remedy

We are two life long friends that each had a love for making and creating homemade body and home products that has turned into so much more than a weekend craft. We are on a mission to make natural products available and affordable for everyone.

Some of our products include sugar scrubs, bath salts (no flesh eating zombie side effects), lotions, lip balms, cuticle cream, kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner… you get the idea. And the list keeps growing!

Now take away having to drive to five different stores, all that time waiting in line or even waiting for your online order to be delivered; that equals the time and money that we save you! We are kinda cool like that.

But wait, that’s not all! At Rustic Remedy, we make it easy for you. You get to make it yourself! It’s all customized by you, for you (or for someone you care about).

You choose what natural ingredients you want, what essential oils you want, what fragrance you want, and what size you want. Or you can choose from our growing selection of ready to go products.